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Planning… But not too much…

There is something about motorcycling that feels like freedom. I won’t be able to predict the weather, the little discoveries along the way, or the mechanical dependability of my gear. So planning feels more like being prepared for options. Living in the world of possibilities… not expectations. Guiding principles: – Keep it simple – Think like a backpacker – Leave contingency for weather, side-trip whims, and mechanical Planning Stats (~7,000 miles): – 7 weeks (including 2 weeks with dad) – … Read More

It starts with a dream

We dreamed.  One of my childhood dreams was to ride Honda Goldwing 1000’s across the United States.  Now much older and hopefully wiser, I have caught the passion for riding, the good fortune to have a summer without the demands of work, and the desire to spend more time with my dad in Utah.