Tips for Packing

Each person’s style of packing will reflect their personal preference.  I tested my packing approach before starting the long road trip. Here are my tips based on my experience and preference.

  • Take everything you need – and nothing that you don’t (except emergency tools and first aid kit)
  • Stuff expands to the available space
  • Keep the things you need on the road easily accessible
  • Organization helps
  • A packing routine helps insure you don’t leave things behind

For my luggage, my organization method includes

  • Givi Trekker Outbacker side cases are easily removed for campsite or hotel use.  While other side cases were considered, luggage side case attachments are generally bike specific.  The Trekker Outbacker were the best engineered for my bike.
  • One of the side cases contains everything I need for water supply, eating, snacking, and cooking.  I use plastic containers to organize easily within the side case – It eliminates the need to dig for things in the side case and makes campsite cooking easy to arrange and cleanup. I have found the plastic containers helpful to unpack and leave behind in a hotel room for lighter side trips.
  • The other side case contains basic clothing and camera gear (organized with what I need for the day on top). The Givi waterproof liner is used to keep clothing that I don’t need for the day on bottom – safe and dry.
  • The side cases have removable tops that provide a good recessed area securable with bungee straps.  I use this for electronics and maps (my PC, cords, maps) are easily accessible.  The other case top organizes plastic bags, sunglass case, toiletries, etc.
  • Wolfman dry bag provides good protection for camping gear.  Tent, sleeping bag, camping clothes, extra shoes, hammock, raingear (on sunny days).  This luggage is not as convenient for rapid access.  So anything in this bag is not likely to be needed during day rides.
  • Tent poles, ground tarp,and sleeping pad were originally kept in the Wolfman dry bag.  As I needed additional space on the road, these items are easily strapped to the outside of the dry bag.  As they are rolled up, the keep dry enough – and keep the moisture of the ground tarp outside of the dry bag.



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