Weather became a primary influence on my trip itinerary.  From the early days of the trip out maneuvering thunder storms, to additional nights spent in hotel rooms, to adjusting the route to minimize hot hours in the sun, monitoring the weather was critical.

AccuWeather was the primary application that I used.  Using the hour by hour view for my current and planned locations was helpful.  I found the radar maps to provide the best information to adjust my route.

Riding in rain showers was not so bad with rain pants on.  With the warmer temperatures, I preferred the mesh jacket – getting my t-shirt wet.  The gortex rain jacket kept me dry, but still felt too warm.  The t-shirt quickly dried with the warm dry air.

Evening Thunderstorms were common.

Riding in hot weather was fine up to about 93 degrees.  I felt warm up to 105.  At 105 it felt plain uncomfortable.  Dousing a T-shirt and bandana  in cold water made the hot weather riding much better.  Early morning rides helped minimize the hours in hot sun.






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