“This isn’t a tale of derring-do, nor is it merely some kind of ‘cynical account’; it isn’t meant to be, at least…. In nine months a man can think a lot of thoughts, from the height of philosophical conjecture to the most abject longing for a bowl of soup – in perfect harmony with the state of his stomach.  And if, at the same time, he’s a bit of an adventurer, he could have experiences which might interest other people and his random account would read something like this diary”  — Ernesto Che Guevara

In five weeks, I thought a lot of thoughts and released myself from the relentless onslaught of news and the demands of work. At times, I longed for a nice meal, another bottle of water, and a bit of better weather.  My thoughts wandered from philosophy, to appreciation of nature and my state in life, to learning about history, space-flight, and nuclear science, to pondering my interaction with the diverse collection of people that I encountered on my path, and the joy of the motorcycle adventure (simply put…  not crashing or dropping the bike).  I have embarked on a personal adventure meant to break routines of thought, expectations, and habits; a personal adventure that didn’t end when I returned home.

I ask myself a similar question as expressed by Che in “The Motorcycle Diaries”;  Is my view too narrow, too biased, too hasty, or my conclusions too rigid? The person that is reorganizing my trip notes and publishing this work is no longer me, at least I’m not the man I was.  While I have returned home, it is a brief pause on firm ground before I continue the adventure.  I will continue to transform to a better me, and to experience life fully and joyfully.

I experience life fully, discovering new insights into the world around me and being a source of strength for my family and friends. I seek new adventures and operate boldly, courageously, and with integrity, opening myself for introspection and learning.

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