The time to start the Alaska ride rapidly approaches. My family is not sharing my excitement however and this is an important part.  We are spending a few weeks in Croatia during the World Cup.  A little dedicated family time before the trip should help minimize the concern for being away from the family for so long.  In any case, I need to cut down the duration and distance for the Alaska trip, so a replan is necessary.

I will be making the journey with the bike I have (2014 V-Strom DL1000). While I would love to be riding a new KTM, this isn’t in the cards. The major concerns I have with my V-Strom is the lack of cruise control and the range (based on tank size).  Both of these topics can be overcome – and the reliability and familiarity of my bike is a key advantage. I attended the 2018 Eastern V-Strom Rally at Ironhorse Motorcycle Inn, Stcoah, NC. Met a nice group of guys there, including Bill who shared his experience of his Alaska Trip 2003.

Primitive camping area at Ironhorse Motorcycle Lodge, Stecoah, NC


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