T-4 Putting it all together

In spite of a few minor setbacks, the bike is home and ready for final assembly.  The electrical connection for the heated jacket was much simpler than anticipated.

The Rotopax gas tank is proving more difficult to mount. I don’t like the solution of mounting under the panniers as I often use the panniers as a chair.  I need a smooth base when detached from the bike.  The back rack seems to be the best place, but I’m going to need to drill holes in the rack.

The Motoz tractionator GPS tires were backordered – ending up with TKC-70s.  I am opting on a more road based tire.  These tires should do fine offroad unless I run into mud.

I did or for adding a center stand.  My wish list still has engine guard, adventure pegs, cruise control, riding shoes, gloves.


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