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A Cinnamon Roll and a Royal Enfield

I was treated to a brilliant thunder and lightning storm last night. I was glad to be hunkered down in the comfort of Motel 8 in Dawson City. The day started with lots of sunshine but then turned into overcast skies and occasional rain There is a small side road just past Dawson City that takes you to Kiskatinaw Provincial Park and the historic bridge on the original Alaska Highway. The current Alaska highway has been very good, well-maintained roads. … Read More

Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway

I really enjoyed this campground. Some additional campers arrived in the evening; a couple in a truck heading to Fairbanks from Montana, a family with a camp trailer from Calgary headed on a 2 week vacation in the provincial parks. I continued the ride today on Scenic 40 to Grande Prarie. Some areas were scenic, but it is hard to compare with the previous day’s rides. Some of the road follows the crest of the mountain providing good views of … Read More

Bow Valley and Icefields Parkway

Starting from Banff, I took 1a for the Bow Valley Parkway. At Castle Junction, I jumped over to 1 as I had ridden 1A north yesterday. The northern section of 1A has much less traffic, but the trees are close to the road for much of this section.   The weather was perfect for today’s ride – although temperatures ranged from 11c (51f) to 31c ( 87.8). There are simply too many viewpoints along this road to mention. At the … Read More

Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse

The actual travel time between Redstreak campground and Two Jack Main campground is 2 hours, but I made a long day of it. The BC93 road takes you up a nice canyon with some nice mountain views.I took a number of short hikes including a visit to the paint pots. My travel plans for this part of the trip had me spending a few extra days so that I will have blue skies for the Bow River and Icefields Parkway … Read More

All for a little pebble

I headed out from Cranbrook looking for some recommended hot springs. The road is an active logging road and also has a good share of people headed out for camping. The road is loose gravel winding through the forest, and at times has a steep dropoff to a canyon cut by the river below. My bike handles the gravel well, especially after turning the ABS off. I pass a few slow moving cars and a pair of Harleys. The Harleys … Read More

Entered Canada

Got a little rain last night… Just a little, nothing annoying. And I forgot to mention, I saw a momma bear and a cub yesterday. Brewed coffee and made oatmeal for breakfast. The coffee press makes much better coffee than the stuff in the coffee shop. While enjoying breakfast, a fox comes running by my camp. Saw another bear off the side of the road just outside of Glacier NP. I crossed the border at Chief Mountain (between Glacier and … Read More

Glacier National Park

Weather is unpredictable- now showing 90% chance of rain in Banff on Friday. Saturday is now the best day, but not holding my breath. I’d like to spend the day in Glacier NP today. The campgrounds show mostly full (or likely to be full by the time I can get there). I stopped in Great Falls at a motorcycle dealer. I got a second pair of gloves in case of extended wet or cold weather. I also would like a … Read More

Dispersed camping in Lewis & Clark National Forest

Watching the weather in Banff and Icefields parkway. It looks to be rainy with Friday being a beautiful day. I am taking some extra time here to pick the best weather through this part of the ride. I stopped at the US Forest Service office for some recommendations for dispersed camping in the Lewis & Clark National Forest. Dispersed camping is where you have no camp neighbors – you just camp in the forest. This is my favorite type of … Read More

Black Hills to Great Falls

I woke up to a beautiful morning and took a walk up the campground canyon. The ride today started with one of the most scenic rides to Spearfish. A pinetree lined canyon accented by rock formations and a creek, this was a great start to the day. Heading through Bel Fourche and west through a bit of Wyoming and Montana. I spent some time at the Battle of Bighorn National Monument. The intro video ar the visitor center was intetesting. … Read More

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