I start my trip today.  July is often one of the hottest times of the year along my route. I’ve been watching the weather forecast closely as it calls for showers.  I am awake early and the weather radar currently is clearer than expected.  This weeks shift in the jet stream should result in cooler temperatures where my journey begins.

Today’s ride should take me as far as Cincinnati.  This is longer than I normally ride, but I’d like to press as quickly as possible to the US / Canada border near Glacier NP.

The ride to Cincinnati was an uneventful highway route.  As I progressed through Northern Georgia, and Tennessee, the Appalachian Mountains provide nice scenery.  I couldn’t help thinking about the song Rocky Top as I passed through.

I caught up with the rain riding through Kentucky, but cleared up as I approached Ohio.  The view of Cincinnati coming down the hill from Kentucky is beautiful and today was no exception.

I crashed at my friend Martin’s place in Cincinnati. We enjoyed catching up and a meal at Nations Bar and Grill.

As this is my first day of a long journey, I am establishing three habits for the road.

– Stay Healthy which means focusing on excersize and diet.

– Enjoy the journey which translates into taking rest stops, meeting locals, and letting the road dictate side adventures.

– Learn by reading, watching a good film or visiting a museum.

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