Got a little rain last night… Just a little, nothing annoying. And I forgot to mention, I saw a momma bear and a cub yesterday.

Brewed coffee and made oatmeal for breakfast. The coffee press makes much better coffee than the stuff in the coffee shop. While enjoying breakfast, a fox comes running by my camp. Saw another bear off the side of the road just outside of Glacier NP.

I crossed the border at Chief Mountain (between Glacier and Waterton International Peace Park). US side, the road is 17 and turns off just past Babb. The road changes on the Canadian side to 6. The crossing was extremely easy and there were few other vehicles sharing the road. The temperatures are dropping and it is the first time I have ridden with the vents on my jacket closed. While the sky is overcast, it was magical riding into the clouds. I think I am getting some good GoPro footage, but not spending the time to futz with it on the road. Oh, and another amazing bear siting just on the side of the road. Real close….

Left at Pincher Station to highway 3 is a much more traveled road. Crowsnest Pass is amazing. Huge rocks… beautiful vistas.. even if cloudy.

I stopped for lunch in a scenic town named Fernie. It seems wrong to put up street signs and street lamps to clutter the view of the mountains. I had a nice lady join me for lunch and we chatted a long time. She has given me a number of pointers for the next sections of the trip. I am looking forward to visiting Whiteswan Lake tomorrow.

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