I headed out from Cranbrook looking for some recommended hot springs. The road is an active logging road and also has a good share of people headed out for camping. The road is loose gravel winding through the forest, and at times has a steep dropoff to a canyon cut by the river below.

My bike handles the gravel well, especially after turning the ABS off. I pass a few slow moving cars and a pair of Harleys. The Harleys are riding 2 up and seem very unsure on the gravel. They are moving very slowly and I predicted they would change their minds and turn around – especially after the first few logging trucks came barreling past, filling the air with dust.

After a few tight turns high on the edge of the mountain, I arrived at the parking lot for Lussier Hot Springs. Even though I arrived early, the parking lot had quite a number of trucks and cars.

After following a well maintained trail to the bottom of the canyon, I arrived at a number of hot spring pools by the side of the river. Based on how much of the river water is mixed with the hot spring, I tried out a couple different pools – each with different temperatures.

When the crowd got too busy, I decided to head on to Radium Hotsprings where I had reserved a campsite at Red Streak Campground. When starting the motorcycle, the F1 engine indicator stayed lit and the odometer flashed between F1 and the odometer reading.

I had no cell signal for more detailed diagnostics research, but did a good check of fluids, electrical charge, temperature readings etc. The bike seemed to run fine, so I proceeded back down the mountain to where I had phone signal. I would not be able to diagnose the problem without the service tech computer. Back to Cranbrook I went to one of the few Suzuki dealers nearby.

The culprit was a small pebble which had found it’s way to the mechanism controlling the exhaust butterfly valve. This was easily fixed when you know where to look.


I was able to hightail it back to Radium Springs for the campsite reservation- having plenty of time for enjoying the vistas and meeting a cute younger couple touring Canada in an old van.

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