The actual travel time between Redstreak campground and Two Jack Main campground is 2 hours, but I made a long day of it. The BC93 road takes you up a nice canyon with some nice mountain views.I took a number of short hikes including a visit to the paint pots.

My travel plans for this part of the trip had me spending a few extra days so that I will have blue skies for the Bow River and Icefields Parkway ride. I took a run up 1A to Lake Louise. It is nice to have a bike as the parking lots and traffic were horrific.

Lake Louise is stunning – and well visited. I made it through the crowd for my obligatory photo shoot.

I walked to the far end of the lake, then kept walking, and walking, and walking.

I ended up at the Plain of Six Glaciers and enjoyed lunch, water, lemonade, and tea at the tea house. After reaching the far end of Lake Louise, the number of hikers dropped dramatically.  There were not so many hikers that made it all the way to the top.  There was one little boy who said his meal was the “best ever – casue he had to work hard to get there”.  Cute…


Taking highway 1 back to Banff, I arrived at Two Jack Main campground happy that I had a tent already pitched. There was a campstove with propane that made preparing my evening meal easy.

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