I really enjoyed this campground. Some additional campers arrived in the evening; a couple in a truck heading to Fairbanks from Montana, a family with a camp trailer from Calgary headed on a 2 week vacation in the provincial parks.

I continued the ride today on Scenic 40 to Grande Prarie. Some areas were scenic, but it is hard to compare with the previous day’s rides. Some of the road follows the crest of the mountain providing good views of tree covered mountain sides.

I had been told the construction on 40 caused a lot of delays. Maybe because I was traveling on a Sunday morning, I didn’t find it too painful. They are widening the road and replacing a bridge. There are a number of potholes and frost heaves in sections so had to stay alert.

Grande Prarie is a larger city and seems pretty industrial. A lot of industrial sites tucked in the trees beginning an hour before Grand Prairie.

I continued on to Dawson Creek and Mile 0 of Alaska Highway. The visitor center is small, but helpful.

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