From hotsprings to a cool lake

It gets light early here – i was awake this morning at 5:00.  I took an early morning walk to the hotsprings.  There was a few folks from South Africa that I enjoyed talking to. It was nice to have the springs relatively empty and see the steam rise in the coolness of morning.

I had a nice ride into Watson Lake. I did have to use regular gas as the only options for the last 200 miles were diesel or regular.  Even with my spare gas tank, I don’t have the range to get to Watson Lake from Fort Nelson.

As I approached Watson Lake, I drove through a lot of smoke and smelled forest fires burning.  I stopped at the Watson Lake visitor center where a very nice lady provided me with screws, and electric screwdriver, and paint pencil for mounting my Atlanta United sign.

I enjoyed lunch at Rancheria Lodge, eating lightly to save room for the Strawberry-Rhubarb pie a’la mode. It disappeared in an instant.

I rode farther than I expected and found an isolated campsite on the edge of Lake Teslin. I still had time to leisurely clean up the motorcycle. There were bugs (a lot of wasps) caught in every nook and cranny.  Even the vents on my helmet refused to move as they were full of bugs.

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