Arrived in Alaska- Tok

While I enjoyed the blue skies, in order to reach Fairbanks or Anchorage. I will need to pass through Tok – and that means riding through rain.

I fell asleep last night with the sleeping bag and a Kentucky bourbon in the hammock.  It was a nice evening with a good campfire to keep any bugs away. I’ve found the perfect size pine that sways in the breeze to gently rock the hammock.

It was still light outside after midnight when I pulled myself out of the hammock and stumbled into the tent.  The breeze is getting colder and I will want to shield myself from the wind as the temperature drops.

I slept like a baby.  I awoke to the sound of stronger winds and grayer skies. I thought of how rain would change this “unmaintaned – travel at your own risk” road.  There were some steep hills and soft stuff that would make my ride out difficult if wet.  I headed out of camp early.

I liked this road so well, that I rode some of it several times this morning. OK, well really had to go back to find my tent poles as I didn’t secure them well. Sticking to riding routines is important.  I took shortcuts in packing and in double checking my load after heading out.  My tent pole pack was laying in the middle of the road about 10k back.  The road is fun and scenic. I had plenty of range remaining for gas.

Back on the Alaska Highway. The ride up past Haines Junction and Destruction Bay is scenic and enjoyable. From Destruction Bay to Tok, I rode through the rain. Today is the first day that I used my heated jacket. While I have riden through a lot colder weather. I think the steady cold and rain made it feel a bit more chilly.

I stopped in a heavy rain for gas at Beaver Creek.  The only gas station that sold Premium did not have an awning.  I briefly considered staying there for the night, but at the recommendation of those working in the restaurant, it was worth riding the extra few hours in the rain to make it to Tok. I ate a little to let the rain settle, then filled up and was on my way.

It felt good to finally pass the Alaska Border. I know much of the scenery of today’s ride was hidden. I saw forested valleys and the base of mountains disappearing into the clouds.


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