While it rained all night, I rested well on the cot provided in the wall tent and slept in late.  I enjoyed chatting with the few other bikers who had stayed there.

A V-Strom 650, GS 1200, and DR 650 got us there.  While I debated about the best bike to make it to Alaska, I think that almost any motorcycle can get you here.  You just need a range of ~200 miles on a tank of gas and expect fast wear on your tires.

I looked at the weather radar.  The storm has moved south and Fairbanks / Circle are clearing up.

I decided to head to Fairbanks and knew I would pass through a rainy spell. Partial blue skies allowed me to enjoy the sun next to a river.

There are a lot of bicyclists through Canada and Alaska.  Many of these are middle-age or retirement age couples.  The tours seem to be well supported with rest stop meals, snacks, and bike gear.  They seem to enjoy the experience, even though there are many hills and rainstorms to pedal through.


I reached my cousin living in Wasilla. It felt good just to sit on a big rock at the side of the road enjoying the sun and the sound of the river.

I couldn’t help but stop by North Pole for a picture with Santa.


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