Ride to Denali National Park

I left camp north of Fairbanks heading south toward Denali. There are still a lot of views on the Steese Highway that I had to stop and enjoy.

I stopped briefly in Fairbanks to resupply, then on I went. I didn’t have a reservation (the place I tried to reserve near Denali, sent me a cryptic email, but basically they had had no vacancy).

The weather was getting overcast and I started to have concerns about my Denali 11 hour bus ride through the park to see the mountain and Wonder Lake.

The views of the mountain are better on the south side. I drove just a few miles past the park entrance and took one of the last remaining campsites on the Neena river at Grizzly Bear Cabins and Campground.

While a little close to the road with small footprints for tents, the sound of the river, occassional passing trains, flush toilets, showers, liquor store, and food trucks made this a not to shabby site

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