Top of the World – Chicken, AK

Taking a second go at “Top of the World Highway”, I found the road to live up to my expectations – except it was is much better condition than I expected.

I had to ride first to Glenellen for gas (I had planned on filling up at the Gakona junction, but the former gas station had “closed” and “for sale” signs

Previously, I was scuttled by relentless rain. I am so glad I waited – the views here are spectacular. There is good paved road all the way from Tetlin Junction to Chicken (with the requisite potholes, etc).

I camped at the Chicken Gold Company – there is free camping across the road. I enjoyed taking a hot shower and the sites are secluded. The saloon was a fun happening place. I enjoyed the evening with a couple from Australia

I enjoyed the evening with a couple from Australia. They bought their bikes (BMWs) in Alaska and will finish their trip this yeat near Vancouver.  They will store the bikes over the winter, returning home.  Next year, they resume their trip across Canada into Newfoundland.  They will again store the bikes or ship them to Europe to continue their journey. This might be a good option for me as well.

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