The rain came in…. I awoke to a muddy camp, my shoes slipping in the mud as I made my way to the outhouse. I still have my book to finish, so I tried to wait out the storm.

The campground at Engineer Creek has a shelter with a wood burning stove and picnic tables. Incrementally, my camp shifted to the shelter as I first brought things to read, then things to make lunch, and eventually my tent to drape across the beams to dry.

The camp gradually emptied as the folks with good trucks left, then camp trailers, and the RV. The road was quiet in the morning. Traffic eventually increased and people stopped by the shelter to make lunch.

When I finished my book, the tent was dry and the rain continued. I had to make a choice between continuing on to Eagle Plains or return. I had enough gas for either, but I couldn’t change my mind after I started.

There is a point in most vacations where you start to miss home. Maybe it was the family last night sharing their adventure together. Maybe it was the two girls and their dog (I have to admit I miss my dog almost anytime I see one). Maybe it was the “I love you” text message and my lack of cell phone signsl to reply.

And listening to the noise from my chain – I headed south. It was a long slog to the highway – and it felt good to be headed south.

I kept going until I found blue sky and camped at Tatlmain Lake Campground. This is a good ways on a dirt road. The campground was very nice with wood provided, water (need to boil), and a very scenic forest on the edge of the lake. Most people seemed to be there for fishing, boating, or canoing. I couldn’t see the elk, but they were whistling a lot during the evening.

I enjoyed a nice campfire – until the rain came.

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