Many people travel to Alaska just to hike the Chilcoot trail.  The National Park Service provides information and permits for hiking the Chilcoot

The trail crosses the boundary between the U.S. and Canada.  There are also regulations to consider on the Canadian side of Chilcoot.

i hiked up the Chilcoot trail until the rain had created puddle crossings too deep and long to avoid getting my shoes too wet. I did not bring hiking boots or bear spray. I sang and played music – especially when passing by some big bear scat on the trail.

I had dinner with a nice girl traveling from Spain. She has been backpacking with friends in the Yukon and is heading out tomorrow on the trail solo. She was patient with me as I practiced speaking Spanish with her through the meal – a nice evening.

I am hoping my clothes dry out – by the time I finished my hike, my hiking pants and shoes got quite wet.

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