For the Gold Rush miners, the alternative trail over these mountains was the White Pass Trail.  This trail was longer than the Chilcoot and had its own stories of con artists, dead horses, and starving people.

The narrow guage railroad was completed in 1900 – a bit too late to help the heaviest Gold Rush traffic of 1896-7. Today this railroad boasts one of the most scenic rides in the world.

According to my host at Chilcoot Trail Outpost, the 8:15 am train is the prefered ride schedule. Sit on the left side for the best view. I choose the first car (on the return down the mountain, it becomes the last).

The town of Skagway is visited by the big cruise ships. There are many tourist souvenir shops which are not my cup of tea. I still enjoyed browsing through.

Tomorrow, I begin a series of ferry rides eventually resuming my ride in Prince Rupert. The hardware store in Skagway sells tie downs needed for tomorrow’s ferry to Haines.

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