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The Yukon Road and Rain

It was a beautiful ride today taking me past mountains, lakes, and rivers.  The last few days of riding have been full of sunshine and good riding weather.  As the day progressed. The sunshine gave way to showers. The Alaska Highway is amazingly well maintained. I had expected potholes and a little dirt and gravel.  The Klondike Highway began to make the riding a bit more challenging – still better than my expectations. I camped in a rainstorm.

From hotsprings to a cool lake

It gets light early here – i was awake this morning at 5:00.  I took an early morning walk to the hotsprings.  There was a few folks from South Africa that I enjoyed talking to. It was nice to have the springs relatively empty and see the steam rise in the coolness of morning. I had a nice ride into Watson Lake. I did have to use regular gas as the only options for the last 200 miles were diesel … Read More

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