Tommorow evening I fly from Atlanta to Santiago, Chile. As with previous rides, I enjoy having a “theme” for the ride. The time spent on a bike provides a certain meditative quality. It is a chance to shift my thoughts into new areas.

My first Motorcycle trip focused on rediscovering America and challenging myself by achieving a teenage dream. On this ride, I explored the gulf coast, the Mississippi River, the Ozarks, Route 66 (the mother road), and places of my youth in Utah and Colorado.

On last year’s Alaska trip, I looked for a special experience every day. In every day, every moment, one can find something of value. Even on a rainy and cold day, I met the daughter of an Alaska pioneer homesteader, Mary Carey. Indeed, I found something to make each day stand out and be special.

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together- Vincent van Gogh

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” – Jim Rohn

For this trip, I am inquiring into “goodness”. This idea originated from a good friend, Daniel, who writes and teaches his philosophy of Learn, Laugh, Love, Live.

My original idea for a Southbound ride included riding along the US/Mexico border, through the Sierra Madres, to arrive in Guatemala. I have the vision of storing my bike over the winter season and resuming my trip south the following year. I have many memories of trips to Mexico as my mother was born in a small town in the Sierra Madres. This video shows the “goodness” of the Mexico that I know: Beyond the Border, Riding Solo in Mexico.

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