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Hancock – Gateway to the Upper Delaware

Morning – Sitting on the porch of Hancock House. A little later than our normal kickstands up on account of a morning storm rolling through. Glad that we spent the night in a hotel instead of our tents. Today’s ride will be our first on the NEBDR. I expect more difficult riding on this segment of our journey.

Flat Tires in Hot Springs, VA

Late in the evening, we are relaxing in lawn chairs outside Hillcrest Motel room in Hot Springs, VA. It is peaceful listening to crickets and looking across the road to the cows grazing in a green field. We are all dirty and exhausted from riding and changing the tubes my tires. We determined the cause of a flat back tire to be small metal burrs between the wheel and tube. Fearing that the front tire may have the same problem, … Read More

Woods Hole Hostel an B&B

A porch swing looks over a vegetable garden and beyond to a valley where tomorrow’s sun will rise. It is day three of riding and we have almost finished segment one of the Mid Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route (MABDR). Last night, we slept in our tents along side of Beaver Dam creek. The sound of the wet logs crackling in our fire and the rush of the stream lulled me to sleep in my hammock. The camp host’s warning of … Read More

Mid Atlantic BDR First Day

I thought all of the wilderness of America remained in the West. Growing up in Utah, I am familiar with the alpine lakes of the High Uintas, the red rocks of Southern Utah, the high peaks of the Rockies, and our Grand Canyons . This trip will be a discovery of the eastern American wilderness. We cross the Appalachian Trail countless times, pass by historic battlegrounds, cross rivers, and meet many people from diverse backgrounds. We awoke to a rainy … Read More

Prologue – Getting to Damascus

The official beginning of the Mid-Atlantic BDR is in Damascus, VA. Taking a queue from our Patagonia trip, the first day was intended to be an easier ride. This would allow us to fine tune any of our packing approaches and enjoy some of the North Georgia and North Carolina rides. Dave and I began our ride from my house in Atlanta. We had our group hugs with my family as we set out. Curt had a work commitment and … Read More

Bike Shipping

Dave’s bike arrived in Atlanta and is now at my place. Fine tuning the packing and route details. A few other riders will join in for portions of the route. Dave and I going the distance from Atlanta to Maine. MABDR and NEBDR. I have used Motorcycle Shippers in the past. Dave found xxxx to be less expensive and the bike ended up in the same warehouse.

Off Road Training

We enjoyed a one-day off road training at Fannin County MX Park. The training was a benefit for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation  http://www.pctf-foundation.org. I like that motorcycling clubs and organizations routinely provide community benefits. It is nice to be around generous people. The session also had support from SkyMed.

Packing Dry Run

What was supposed to be a dry run to try out my gear packing strategy, ended up being a wet, wet run. While the weather in Northern Georgia was beautiful, the southern part of the state was very soggy. Always good for learning though. Use your weather app – always. This has been critical on some past trips (even if weather often changes and there are sometimes few alternatives to hunkering down, re-routing, or riding through. I need a better … Read More

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