Mosko Moto Scout & Tusk Hardcases

I’ve got the best of both on my new bike. Easy, interchangeable mounting between my Tusk hardcases and Mosko Moto scout softluggage.

Interchangeable easy on/off mount

In my right pannier I have a tent, hammock, cot, sleeping bag. It stands a bit tall due to the tent and cot poles. To cut down on bulk, I am considering leaving the cooking kit behind (stove, coffee maker, pots, pans, cooking fuel).

Fully packed (minus cooking kit)

In wet weather, tent poles, wet tent fly, etc can be cinched to the frame or molle panel.

Tent and hammock poles outside of dry bag
Molle bags for quick access items

The left pannier has clothes and assorted riding gear. On the inside of the mounting frame, I will be mounting gas can and tool kit.

Tusk replacement hardcase mount

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