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I am an adventure motorcycle rider, business traveler, photographer, outdoorsman and adventure traveler.  When I am not enjoying a travel adventure, I enjoy sharing my adventures with others and learning more about the world around us.

Hi! I’m EZ-E (aka Eric)

I started this blog in 2017 as a way of documenting my motorcycle experiences. I’ve recently updated the site to include my travel adventures including climbing Kilimanjaro & Haleakalā, and travels throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia.

As I expand the blog to more general travel topics, I will introduce more creative writing and poetry. Personal life experiences shape how I travel and the places I visit.

My Travel Writing

Adventure Motorcycling

While traveling by motorcycle, I blog as ez-e-adventure on the Adventure Rider site ( This site is used by motorcyclists for ride reports covering EPIC rides as well as day trips.

Adventure Rider also includes News, Videos, and Reviews for the latest in Adventure Motorcycle Riding.

Family / Business Travel

While traveling for pleasure and often times for business, I post as @evmurdock on TripAdvisor to organize itineraries.

For our family’s personal experiences on world travel, these itineraries contain photographs and comments on places we have visited.


Videos from trips are posted on various YouTube channels and playlists. Here are the latest videos from Motorcycle Riding the East Coast along Backcountry Discovery Routes.

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Join me on travels around the globe.