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T-6 Bike Maintenance

The new tires are ordered (decided on Motoz Tractionators). The bike is in the shop for 11,000 mile maintenance and ECM replacement (Suzuki recall). New fluids all around, thorough chain and engine inspection.  I will add electrical connection for heated jacket liner and Rotopax spare gas tank. A few mail order items are being exchanged for a better fit. All should be here for an on time departure.  I enjoyed a call today with my friend in Vashon, WA.  Looking … Read More

T-7 Online Shopping Completed

Watching Adventure Rider Forum Threads to insure I am well prepared for the trip.  Critical items arriving now include Klim Hi-Viz riding jacket, warm base layer, 12V tire pump, Moto-Skivees, RotopakX Gas Tank, and mosquito net.

T-8 weeks; Itinerary Feasibility

It is 8 weeks before starting out on my trip. I try not to plan too much in detail, but enough to validate the feasibility of the overall trip duration and to get an idea of what to pack. Here is the link to my planning spreadsheet

Alaska Countdown

The time to start the Alaska ride rapidly approaches. My family is not sharing my excitement however and this is an important part.  We are spending a few weeks in Croatia during the World Cup.  A little dedicated family time before the trip should help minimize the concern for being away from the family for so long.  In any case, I need to cut down the duration and distance for the Alaska trip, so a replan is necessary. I will … Read More

Planning Alaska Trip 2018

  I am planning my 2018 motorcycle trip. Big picture idea is to ride up the east coast, across the southern part of Canada, through the Canadian Rockies, tour the Top of the World highway, and possibly visit my cousin in Barrow Alaska. For the return trip, I’ll enjoy an alternate route southward to the US border, see the Big Sky country of Montana, ride through Yellowstone and the Tetons before heading back to the southeast and home to Atlanta. … Read More

My Motorcycle Diary

“This isn’t a tale of derring-do, nor is it merely some kind of ‘cynical account’; it isn’t meant to be, at least…. In nine months a man can think a lot of thoughts, from the height of philosophical conjecture to the most abject longing for a bowl of soup – in perfect harmony with the state of his stomach.  And if, at the same time, he’s a bit of an adventurer, he could have experiences which might interest other people … Read More

Dirt road riding

Riding on dirt and gravel roads is 75% in your head and 25% using good skills. While I have not yet taken a skills course with a professional instructor, I choose to ride a good amount of off road trails. I look forward to taking the BMW Off-Road Course in Spartanburg, SC to further build skills and confidence. The tips I gained (so far) from people at the BMW Rally, the MSF course, and others are: Keep feet firmly on the … Read More

On to Colorado

After spending time with family and friends, I left Heber on the Lake Creek dirt road, over the mountain to Currant Creek, then onward to Vernal, Utah.  Enjoyed pizza at Antica Forma in Vernal.  Route 191 heads north from Vernal toward Flaming Gorge.  Within Ashley National Forest, dispersed camping is possible (as well as several campgrounds).

Monument Valley

I approached Monument Valley from Kayenta, AZ. While I have visited Monument Valley many times, this time felt like I was seeing this special place for the first time.  I arrived at mid-day, the lighting for photographs was not ideal.  I left Grand Canyon early to avoid traveling through the Cameron area during the heat of the day.  It might be possible to find nice Lodging in Kayenta to enjoy this part of the drive in the morning light.  There … Read More

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