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Misty Fjords Floatplane

I booked a floatplane tour for Misty Fjords early during our stay in Ketchikan.  A good trip is dependent on the weather.   Later as we toured Ketchikan. we found the airplane that we had flown in featured throughout town.  The bush pilots stories are and interesting and important aspect of Alaska history and culture.  Four Seven One Papa Mike and our pilot. Timber, gave us an adventure to remember.

Ferry from Juneau to Ketchikan

Chad and Javier joined me in Juneau to share a part if the adventure.  Meeting ar the ferry terminal for an early AM departure, they were a bit challenged in wating for a taxi. This ferry ride was much longer at just over 23 hours 15 minutes. The bike was strapped in the car deck while we had a four berth outside cabin. There were brief stops in Kake, St. Peterburg, and Wrangell before we reached our destination of Ketchikan.  … Read More


I took a slow start today in hopes the rain would dry out on the tent fly. Even hanging the fly out to dry didn’t finish drying. At 1:00, I headed into town. When I saw the four big ships, the sidewalks were crawling with people and there were crossing guards handling the crosswalks. A quick drive through town was enough for me I enjoyed a drive and hike near the Mendenhall Glacier. I drove north to the end of … Read More

Ferry Ride to Juneau

The ferry from Haines is a bit longer – 4.5 hours / $154 for myself and the bike. I arrived in Juneau in a heavy rainstorm at 10:00 at night. The flags flying at half-mast were in honor of John McCain. While most of the crowd turned right toward downtown, I turned left in the dark rain to find a campsite. The Auke Villiage campsite / recreation area is not far from the terminal. I set up in the dark. … Read More

Ferry Ride to Haines

The ferry from Skagway is a short 45 minutes and was $85 for myself and the bike.   I took a quick detour to Chilcoot Lake campground. I had been warned that there is a lot of bear activity here. It is nice to visit, but can be crowded with “bear watchers”, and probably not the best location to tent camp. I was able to watch a sow with three cubs feeding in the river. Later, when leaving on the … Read More

Whitepass Railroad

For the Gold Rush miners, the alternative trail over these mountains was the White Pass Trail.  This trail was longer than the Chilcoot and had its own stories of con artists, dead horses, and starving people. The narrow guage railroad was completed in 1900 – a bit too late to help the heaviest Gold Rush traffic of 1896-7. Today this railroad boasts one of the most scenic rides in the world. According to my host at Chilcoot Trail Outpost, the … Read More

The Chilcoot Trail

Many people travel to Alaska just to hike the Chilcoot trail.  The National Park Service provides information and permits for hiking the Chilcoot The trail crosses the boundary between the U.S. and Canada.  There are also regulations to consider on the Canadian side of Chilcoot. i hiked up the Chilcoot trail until the rain had created puddle crossings too deep and long to avoid getting my shoes too wet. I did not bring hiking boots or bear spray. I sang … Read More