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Sidetrip to Cheena Hot Springs

Only a few hours north of Fairbanks is Cheena Hot Springs.  I headed there with a reservation for one of their Yurts.  I have thought of Yurts as “glamping”, but have never stayed in one. I found the Yurt to be cold.  The cot provided was fine, but I have my own cot in my camping gear. While it was nice to enjoy the springs and ice house, it would have been nicer to camp on the Cheena River and … Read More

Fun in Fairbanks

I stayed in Fairbanks at a hostel – a first for me. On an overcast day I took the opportunity to get an oil change and a new pair of tires.  Now I am all set for the rest of the trip. And while my bike was getting some TLC, I enjoyed a breakfast of reindeer sausage, hashbrowns, and scrambled eggs. I took in a couple of cool museums – each of these deserve a photo album of their own… … Read More

Direction Fairbanks

While it rained all night, I rested well on the cot provided in the wall tent and slept in late.  I enjoyed chatting with the few other bikers who had stayed there. A V-Strom 650, GS 1200, and DR 650 got us there.  While I debated about the best bike to make it to Alaska, I think that almost any motorcycle can get you here.  You just need a range of ~200 miles on a tank of gas and expect … Read More

Arrived in Alaska- Tok

While I enjoyed the blue skies, in order to reach Fairbanks or Anchorage. I will need to pass through Tok – and that means riding through rain. I fell asleep last night with the sleeping bag and a Kentucky bourbon in the hammock.  It was a nice evening with a good campfire to keep any bugs away. I’ve found the perfect size pine that sways in the breeze to gently rock the hammock. It was still light outside after midnight … Read More

Decision Morning- Heading South

Decision needed…  The bad weather is projected to hang over Dawson, Chicken, Tok, the Dempster through next weekend.  A severe weather advisory for high winds in the highlands north of Chicken makes this path pretty risky.  I sat on the Yukon River bank overlooking the ferry landing for a reality check.  Not many trucks or cars are venturing out. While I expect I could find periods where it isn’t raining and make my way across Top of the World- it … Read More

Wandering around Dawson

Today is a day just to sightsee.  Dawson was a thriving town of 30,000 people in the frenzy of the gold rush.  Here are a few highlights of my wandering around. This 1957 film shown in the Dawson History Museum is posted on YouTube.  Many of the photos in the film came from glass prints.   Walked by the Robert Service cabin and read a few of his poems including The Cremation of Sam McGee. Just a block away is Jack … Read More

55 in Dawson

I made it to Dawson for my 55th birthday.  After a couple of weeks on the road, and a number of days of camping, my first order was to get a beard trim and do laundry. I have one of the nicest cabins for the next two nights – a restored 1896 cabin by the riverfront.  

The Yukon Road and Rain

It was a beautiful ride today taking me past mountains, lakes, and rivers.  The last few days of riding have been full of sunshine and good riding weather.  As the day progressed. The sunshine gave way to showers. The Alaska Highway is amazingly well maintained. I had expected potholes and a little dirt and gravel.  The Klondike Highway began to make the riding a bit more challenging – still better than my expectations. I camped in a rainstorm.

From hotsprings to a cool lake

It gets light early here – i was awake this morning at 5:00.  I took an early morning walk to the hotsprings.  There was a few folks from South Africa that I enjoyed talking to. It was nice to have the springs relatively empty and see the steam rise in the coolness of morning. I had a nice ride into Watson Lake. I did have to use regular gas as the only options for the last 200 miles were diesel … Read More

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