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Exoloring western South Dakota

I explored South Dakota a bit more taking a side trip to the badlands, the minuteman missile historic site, and some fun towns in the Black Hills.  Deadwood and Lead are places I’d like to return to. I camped in a secluded campground in the Black Hills. A lot of friendly locals in the campground. One of the first questions each person asked me is how I found out about this campground. The locals say it is the best in … Read More

South Dakota

I continued across South Dakota on highway 14 (this is one of the Sturgis approach routes and also recommended by a South Dakota friend). After a rainy day, riding in 70 degrees and sunshine was welcome. Temperatures got much hotter by the end of the day (low 90’s). Ispent a good amount of time in Pierre. SD. I had a enjoyable chat with a man whose father had helped build the Alaska Highway. He told me how the teams relied … Read More

Soggy in Minnesota

The morning was beautiful and clear in La Crosse, but a storm was on the way. Prepped for rain, I took out on I90. This stretch of highway is rather scenic, starting by the river, then ascending through lush greenery to the river bluffs. As the rain approached in the distance, I filled up with gas. A farm implement mechanic shot the breeze with me for a good bit… From his military background, his love for Minnesota, and the 200K … Read More

A beautiful day for riding

I started to ride early today.  Mists rising from the cornfields went with the morning sunrise. Today is a day of rural roads and unexpected discoveries. Taking route 14, I saw signs that it is the Frank Lloyd Wright path.  So I followed the path to end up at Taliesin.  I took the four hour tour (I have a lot of notes and photos which I’ll upload soon).  For now, it was a great morning. After a nice lunch, I … Read More

Another long ride

Another long day of riding – From Cincinnati to Monroe, Wisconsin.  I am far enough north to find cooler weather.  I took some side roads.  At this shady spot by a corn field, the only car that passed by stopped to talk.  I like the countryside.   I found a simple campground and set up camp for the night.  It was nice except for the mosquitoes. I fixed a nice dinner of Cuban Mojo with Portuguese Sardines. 0

The adventure begins

I start my trip today.  July is often one of the hottest times of the year along my route. I’ve been watching the weather forecast closely as it calls for showers.  I am awake early and the weather radar currently is clearer than expected.  This weeks shift in the jet stream should result in cooler temperatures where my journey begins. Today’s ride should take me as far as Cincinnati.  This is longer than I normally ride, but I’d like to … Read More

Representin’ #ATLUTD

With the miles ahead of me (and a day with nothing planned), I updated my bike to a five-stripes theme.  I think an Atlanta United decal on each of the panniers will round it out.  

T-3 Final Touches

I leave for family vacation next week.  This is my last week to get the bike ready for the road. The new tires are installed and seem to ride fine.  Some reviews indicated that the Tractionator GPS tires are noisy and that the TXC-70 front handling isn’t ideal.  So far, I don’t see any concerns with handling or road noise. I opted to install the Rotopax gas tank under the left pannier.  This should keep the weight lower and more … Read More

T-4 Putting it all together

In spite of a few minor setbacks, the bike is home and ready for final assembly.  The electrical connection for the heated jacket was much simpler than anticipated. The Rotopax gas tank is proving more difficult to mount. I don’t like the solution of mounting under the panniers as I often use the panniers as a chair.  I need a smooth base when detached from the bike.  The back rack seems to be the best place, but I’m going to … Read More

T-5 Finished my last week of work for a while

With my last week of work completed, I’ll now be able to focus more on trip preparation.  The V-Strom Engine Control Module (ECM) has been replaced.  The 11,000 mile maintenance is complete, with the exception of a new air filter.  The tractionator gps front tire was been on backorder, so I opted for a Continental TKC 70 for the front. The Klim Lattitude jacket arrived with a better fit.  The heated jacket is on the way.  I will need to … Read More

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