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East Coast Backcountry Discovery Routes; MABDR & NEBDR

Off Road Training

We enjoyed a one-day off road training at Fannin County MX Park. The training was a benefit for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation  http://www.pctf-foundation.org. I like that motorcycling clubs and organizations routinely provide community benefits. It is nice to be around generous people. The session also had support from SkyMed.

Packing Dry Run

What was supposed to be a dry run to try out my gear packing strategy, ended up being a wet, wet run. While the weather in Northern Georgia was beautiful, the southern part of the state was very soggy. Always good for learning though. Use your weather app – always. This has been critical on some past trips (even if weather often changes and there are sometimes few alternatives to hunkering down, re-routing, or riding through. I need a better … Read More

Mosko Moto Scout & Tusk Hardcases

I’ve got the best of both on my new bike. Easy, interchangeable mounting between my Tusk hardcases and Mosko Moto scout softluggage. In my right pannier I have a tent, hammock, cot, sleeping bag. It stands a bit tall due to the tent and cot poles. To cut down on bulk, I am considering leaving the cooking kit behind (stove, coffee maker, pots, pans, cooking fuel). In wet weather, tent poles, wet tent fly, etc can be cinched to the … Read More

Bike Updates

I’ve been adding a few goodies to my bike…. and also looking for another lightweight bike for some off-road adventures. I love the Denali lights – People in cars see me much more clearly. The lights were not as easy to install as I anticipated. While I purchased the V-strom fitment kit, I needed to find another bolt. I followed the installation instructions – had I just jumped in, I would have completed the electrical wiring installation completely before mounting … Read More