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Packing Dry Run

What was supposed to be a dry run to try out my gear packing strategy, ended up being a wet, wet run. While the weather in Northern Georgia was beautiful, the southern part of the state was very soggy. Always good for learning though. Use your weather app – always. This has been critical on some past trips (even if weather often changes and there are sometimes few alternatives to hunkering down, re-routing, or riding through. I need a better … Read More

Tour of Honor 2020

The Tour of Honor has released the list of sites for 2020. Cautionary warnings were also provided for addressing the spread of Covid-19. There won’t be any trophies in 2020, but having places to visit is still nice. Keeping all considerations in mind, I visited a couple of sites.

National K9 Veterans Day

In 2008, my partner, Chad, was deployed to Iraq to support the reconstruction efforts. Probably more than any other time in my life, I gained an appreciation for the sacrifice of military families. I can only surmise what it is like to be deployed, but my first hand experience of being a family member certainly changed my perspectives. Today is National K9 Veterans Day. While our dog Marelize, is not a military K9, she is certainly missed when I travel … Read More

Curt’s Cold Butt Ride

I joined the Atlanta ADV Rider’s Meetup for a ride starting from Clayton, GA. The group had a house rented for the weekend with rides for different riding styles. The small(ish) bikes had some challenging rides on Saturday. The Tiger Fall Foliage route provided good riding for both the small(ish) bikes and bikes like mine. I am looking for a good weekend to ride some small bikes at Highland Park and take another trails course at the MSF dirtbike school … Read More

Best of British Tour – Triumph 2020 Model Preview

I enjoyed an event previewing the Triumph 2020 models. I was most interested in the new Tiger 900 Rally Range. Sitting on the Tiger, it felt lighter and more nimble than my current bike. I’d like to see the bike kitted out with luggage and feel the differences between the riding modes. The handguards were plastic and the engine guards left a lot of molding unprotected. The Rocket 3 is an impressive machine with a 2458 cc powerplant. Other models … Read More

Winter Riding

Winter weather in Georgia has extremes. Sometimes we have cold, icy weather. When the weather is beautiful, it is time for some great riding. Even though the previous day was rainy, the forest roads in the Cohuttas were dry enough. We weren’t able to ride the full route we originally wanted to. We found one of the forest service roads closed. Here is a link to the map of Forest Service Road closures and the Forest Service information on the … Read More