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Mosko Moto Scout & Tusk Hardcases

I’ve got the best of both on my new bike. Easy, interchangeable mounting between my Tusk hardcases and Mosko Moto scout softluggage. In my right pannier I have a tent, hammock, cot, sleeping bag. It stands a bit tall due to the tent and cot poles. To cut down on bulk, I am considering leaving the cooking kit behind (stove, coffee maker, pots, pans, cooking fuel). In wet weather, tent poles, wet tent fly, etc can be cinched to the … Read More

Installing a Motech Center Stand

I bought the Motech Center Stand for V’Strom DL1000 as an impulse purchase.  The fitment is perfect and generally easy to install (even though there are cautions for DIYers),  The only challenging step was the installation of the springs (a spring installation tool is extra and not included). I used a small length of 1/2 copper tubing to pry the end of the larger spring in place. The smaller spring was easier to install using vice-grip pliers.  Tying up the … Read More

Dirt road riding

Riding on dirt and gravel roads is 75% in your head and 25% using good skills. While I have not yet taken a skills course with a professional instructor, I choose to ride a good amount of off road trails. I look forward to taking the BMW Off-Road Course in Spartanburg, SC to further build skills and confidence. The tips I gained (so far) from people at the BMW Rally, the MSF course, and others are: Keep feet firmly on the … Read More


Weather became a primary influence on my trip itinerary.  From the early days of the trip out maneuvering thunder storms, to additional nights spent in hotel rooms, to adjusting the route to minimize hot hours in the sun, monitoring the weather was critical. AccuWeather was the primary application that I used.  Using the hour by hour view for my current and planned locations was helpful.  I found the radar maps to provide the best information to adjust my route. Riding … Read More

Tips for Packing

Each person’s style of packing will reflect their personal preference.  I tested my packing approach before starting the long road trip. Here are my tips based on my experience and preference. Take everything you need – and nothing that you don’t (except emergency tools and first aid kit) Stuff expands to the available space Keep the things you need on the road easily accessible Organization helps A packing routine helps insure you don’t leave things behind For my luggage, my organization method … Read More

Tips for long distance riding

Tomorrow is a longer riding day.  Some advice from others includes: Don’t plan too much as many folks will always have recommendations along the way. They may direct you to areas you haven’t even heard of yet. A heated jacket is good to have for mountain passes.  Nights in the desert can be very cold.

Planning… But not too much…

There is something about motorcycling that feels like freedom. I won’t be able to predict the weather, the little discoveries along the way, or the mechanical dependability of my gear. So planning feels more like being prepared for options. Living in the world of possibilities… not expectations. Guiding principles: – Keep it simple – Think like a backpacker – Leave contingency for weather, side-trip whims, and mechanical Planning Stats (~7,000 miles): – 7 weeks (including 2 weeks with dad) – … Read More

It starts with a dream

We dreamed.  One of my childhood dreams was to ride Honda Goldwing 1000’s across the United States.  Now much older and hopefully wiser, I have caught the passion for riding, the good fortune to have a summer without the demands of work, and the desire to spend more time with my dad in Utah.