Preliminary Route Planning

I am just starting to think through my route from Atlanta to the Canadian border. The major portions of the route will be along the Mid Atlantic and North East Backcountry Discovery Routes.

8/15/2020EBDR01 – Home to Ironhorse174.5103:42Ironhorse Motorcycle Lodge
8/16/2020EBDR02 – To Damascus247.1106:34Damascus Old Mill Inn
8/17/2020EBDR03 – To Woods Hole Hostel141.9705:11Woods Hole Hostel & B&B
8/18/2020EBDR04 – From Woods Hole to Gristmill Square32.251:57The Inn at Gristmill Square
8/19/2020EBDR05 – From Gristmill Square to Smoke Hole Caverns121.11Smoke Hole Log Cabins
8/20/2020EBDR06 – To Sharpsburg (Antiem Battlefield)148.304:01
8/21/2020EBDR07 – To Mt Holly Springs167.0803:31
Mid-Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route