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I am an adventure motorcycle rider, photographer, outdoorsman and adventure traveler.  When I am not having an adventure, I enjoy sharing my adventures with others.

I just finished a ride from Atlanta to Canada riding the Mid Atlantic and North East Backcountry Discovery Routes.

Where Next?  Heading South through Mexico, Himalayas, Mongolia/Russia, Southern Africa?


Lake Havasu – Parker

Lake Havasu and Parker have many activities; but visit when the weather is favorable. Temperatures ranged from 105 to 117F during my visit. We spent more time indoors and site seeing from an air conditioned SUV. From off road riding, boating, classic cars, and even taking a ferry across to the Casino, there are many things to enjoy.  I especially enjoyed the company of my good friends and their dogs. 

Tips for Packing

Each person’s style of packing will reflect their personal preference.  I tested my packing approach before starting the long road trip. Here are my tips based on my experience and preference. Take everything you need – and nothing that you don’t (except emergency tools and first aid kit) Stuff expands to the available space Keep the things you need on the road easily accessible Organization helps A packing routine helps insure you don’t leave things behind For my luggage, my organization method … Read More

Oklahoma Route 66

Route 66, or the Mother Road, is one of the most famous roads in America.  There is a lot of information available for the part of the trip.  The primary sources that I have used for my trip planning are;  Butler Motorcycle Maps, Oklahoma Route 66 attractions map, 

Melrose plantation

The Melrose Plantation was the home of Marie Thérèse dite Coincoin, a notable planter and businesswoman. As the daughter of slaves, her freedom was purchased in 1778 by Claude Thomas Pierre Métoyer, with whom she had ten children A free spirit, she used her plantation for artist retreats. One of the most famous folkartists who began painting in her 50s lived on the property.

Great River Road

Years ago I lived for a summer close to the Mississippi. Riding along the great river is something that I have looked forward to. I spent quite a bit of time touring plantations and seeing other sites. Destrehan Plantation is a good starting point as their tour provided a good historical overview. I toured several other plantations before arriving at the grand Houmas House Plantation and Gardens. Destrehan Plantation Tour The grounds surrounding Destrehan had live oak and resurrection ferns. … Read More

Route 90 Gulf Coast

Riding for long distances will have good days and challenging days. Last night I had a hard time sleeping. Some campgrounds are designed for RVs and generally should be avoided for motorcycle camping. The bright lights in the campground proximity to two highways, and a splitting headache made for a long night. I initially thought that I was having a dehydration headache, but later found a spider/insect bite that was the primary cause. Stopping by a grocery store for some … Read More

You meet interesting people

You meet interesting people when camping. It was a rather long and uninteresting drive from Northern Alabama to the gulf. I ended up camping at Meaher State Park. This is not the best place for motorcycle camping as it is primarily an RV park. There are a small number of tent sites. While the sites have a nice view of the gulf, they happen to be quite some distance from the restrooms. The place was infested with ants. One of … Read More

Cheaha State Park

With my starting odometer at 2,538 miles, I left Atlanta on my first cross country motorcycle adventure. I felt melancholy on departure. Chad is in Zimbabwe and Javier is in Chicago. I dropped off the dogs at Jennifer’s house. Even Jennifer was out of town and I left my babies in the hands of Laquisha. Heading on to the cabin, I was able to say goodbye with some friends. Marvin was in the truck heading our on errands. Bruce was … Read More

KSU – June 25, 2017

Kickstands up – June 25, 2017. I have been looking forward to this trip for quite some time. The date is getting closer. I am now counting down the weeks (almost days) to starting out on the road. I have taken all the tools out of my tool kit, insuring I have all of the tools I will need for the trip … and removing tools that are not needed for my bike. My bike is scheduled at the dealership … Read More

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