Join me at the Eastern V-Strom Rally

Rescheduled to October 8 - 11, 2020


Assuming it is safe to travel, I will be attending the Eastern V-Strom Rally in North Carolina.

Ready for another adventure?

I am an adventure motorcycle rider, photographer, outdoorsman and adventure traveler.  When I am not having an adventure, I enjoy sharing my adventures with others.

My next adventure is from Atlanta to Canada riding the Mid Atlantic and North East Backcountry Discovery Routes.


Ferry Ride to Juneau

The ferry from Haines is a bit longer – 4.5 hours / $154 for myself and the bike. I arrived in Juneau in a heavy rainstorm at 10:00 at night. The flags flying at half-mast were in honor of John McCain. While most of the crowd turned right toward downtown, I turned left in the dark rain to find a campsite. The Auke Villiage campsite / recreation area is not far from the terminal. I set up in the dark. … Read More

Ferry Ride to Haines

The ferry from Skagway is a short 45 minutes and was $85 for myself and the bike.   I took a quick detour to Chilcoot Lake campground. I had been warned that there is a lot of bear activity here. It is nice to visit, but can be crowded with “bear watchers”, and probably not the best location to tent camp. I was able to watch a sow with three cubs feeding in the river. Later, when leaving on the … Read More

Whitepass Railroad

For the Gold Rush miners, the alternative trail over these mountains was the White Pass Trail.  This trail was longer than the Chilcoot and had its own stories of con artists, dead horses, and starving people. The narrow guage railroad was completed in 1900 – a bit too late to help the heaviest Gold Rush traffic of 1896-7. Today this railroad boasts one of the most scenic rides in the world. According to my host at Chilcoot Trail Outpost, the … Read More

The Chilcoot Trail

Many people travel to Alaska just to hike the Chilcoot trail.  The National Park Service provides information and permits for hiking the Chilcoot The trail crosses the boundary between the U.S. and Canada.  There are also regulations to consider on the Canadian side of Chilcoot. i hiked up the Chilcoot trail until the rain had created puddle crossings too deep and long to avoid getting my shoes too wet. I did not bring hiking boots or bear spray. I sang … Read More

Carcross to Skagway

I headed down to Carcross and Skagway. What a beautiful ride. Just when I thought that I have seen so many different types of Canadian and Alaskan landscapes… they through you something incredible, wild, and stunningly beautiful. There are a lot of fires right now. The Alaska Highway is shut down in a couple of places. Seeing the smoke rising from the trees across the lake provided an interesting view. I am staying a couple of days at Chilcoot Trail … Read More

Motorcycle maintenance

I enjoyed lunch at Braeburn Inn – easy to miss and drive by, but definitely worth stopping. Huge, I mean really huge cinnamon buns. I resisted, but several other groups came in and shared one. I had an equally large sandwich and saved half for later. I met a couple of guys on their way up Canol Rd (at Ross River). 150 miles of dirt up to Northwest Territory. Arriving in Whitehorse, I checked for motorcycle shops. Listers Motorcycle Shop … Read More

Chain and Rain – Retreat

The rain came in…. I awoke to a muddy camp, my shoes slipping in the mud as I made my way to the outhouse. I still have my book to finish, so I tried to wait out the storm. The campground at Engineer Creek has a shelter with a wood burning stove and picnic tables. Incrementally, my camp shifted to the shelter as I first brought things to read, then things to make lunch, and eventually my tent to drape … Read More

The Dempster

I stopped at the Dempster Information Center. The weather is good now, but low temperatures and possible rain forecasted. I’ve been hearing a few sounds from the bike that are starting to concern me… a bit like a rattle, but happens when there is torque on the chain. I rode 193km to the Engineer Campground. I hadn’t even got both feet off the bike before my camping neighbor had offered me a cold beer. I had a very enjoyable evening … Read More

Top of the World – Dawson City

With a full tank of gas (regular – not premium), I continued on. This gas station boasts the “only flush toilet in Chicken” – aah what a luxury. The second half of Top of the World was equally fantastic. The pavement ends at Chicken (although there are some stretches between Chicken and Dawson City that are beautiful paved roads – and some just paved). A little wait at the ferry as it was paused as the paddlewheeler passed. Then I … Read More

Top of the World – Chicken, AK

Taking a second go at “Top of the World Highway”, I found the road to live up to my expectations – except it was is much better condition than I expected. I had to ride first to Glenellen for gas (I had planned on filling up at the Gakona junction, but the former gas station had “closed” and “for sale” signs Previously, I was scuttled by relentless rain. I am so glad I waited – the views here are spectacular. … Read More

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