A guided tour through Chile and Argentina

I flew into Puerto Montt, Chile by way of an international flight from Santiago, Chile. Daniel, the owner of Moto Patagonia picked me up at the airport for a short drive to Puerto Varas. Daniel picked up Dave and Jane who had stayed the previous evening in a Puerto Varas hotel.

This was a one-way ride with NO chase truck. Everything had to fit on the bike for the duration of the trip. I used a waterproof duffle and a compact duffle. In hindsight, I should have stayed with two compact duffles as the waterproofing was not necessary and took up extra space for the duration of the trip.

The motorcycles included soft pannier systems from Mosko Moto. Dave, Jane, and I had also purchased the Mosko Moto backcountry duffle/packs. We are all fans of Mosko Moto gear. The Mosko Moto pannier systems are waterproof and held heavier items. Daniel had preloaded the back pockets with chain lube, spare tubes, oil, etc.

Riding Gear: Helmet, riding boots, Gortex ADV riding jacket and pants, base and mid-layer riding gear.

Personal Items: Sun screen, swim suit, sunglasses, tinted & un-tinted visor, satellite messenger, camera gear

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